Cosmetic:  Skin Care, Hair Care, Anit-Aging, Formulations, Custom Formulations, Private Label, Chemical Peels, Rx and OTC Grade Cosmetics, Compound Pharmaceuticals...
Consultation with:  QA/QC/FDA Regulations, IQ/OQ/PQ, Instrument Validation, Method Validation, Qualifying/Auditing Suppliers, Chemical Testing...

Welcome to Efficacy

      Efficacy is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality in cosmetic products, at the fairest price available.  Whether you have an existing formula or would like a formula created based on your ideas, Efficacy can help you get it on the shelves; fore there are numerous Efficacy formulations (acne treatment, anti-aging, chemical peel, daily use, ...) found on the market today.

      Efficacy can also provide assistance with finding a reputable contract manufacturer that is suitable to the characteristics of your product(s), and/or your quantity needs (being small or large orders).    Efficacy encompasses several years of cosmetic manufacturing experience, not only with formulation and R&D, but with regulatory issues as well.

      YES, Efficacy can also help with the regulatory (FDA) aspect of your products.  Whether you need help with economical cosmetic to Rx level testing of you product, validating a product from scratch, or qualifying/auditing a supplier; Efficacy can help you get it done correctly and efficiently.  Please feel free to browse our web site for more details on our services, or contact us with any inquiries or concerns.

Thanks for visiting and take care.
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